4 Questions to Ask a Local Waste Removal Company Seattle Before Striking a Deal 

 May 9, 2021



It’s time to make some changes around the house, but you will need help getting rid of unwanted items. Much of what you want to part with does not need to end up in a landfill; it can be recycled or restored and sold. As you begin to talk with a local waste removal company Seattle, do ask a few questions. The answers will tell you if you’re talking to the right company.

What Sort of Materials Will the Company Collect?

Companies of this type typically work with local recycling centers to ensure materials can be processed with ease. That means you may have some items that cannot be included in the clean-out. The best approach is to ask up front what kind of materials can be collected for recycling or repair and resale.

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If you mainly have things like old wood furniture, plastic, glass, and other common items, there’s a good chance that the company will take it all. There may be some limits on old household chemicals, paint, and a few other items. By knowing what can be included in the clean-out, it will be easier to know what may need to be disposed of in a different manner.

What Do I Need to Do in Order to Prepare for a Clean-Out?

It’s not unusual for this type of company to offer clients options for clean-outs. If you can gather all of the items in one spot, such as on the curb or perhaps in a garage that you can leave open, the company may be able to offer lower collection rates.

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If you need help getting things out of an attic or basement, many companies offer this type of service. Assuming most of what you want to remove from the home is gathered in one location, you may still be able to lock in a competitive rate.

The most expensive type of clean-out would be having items scattered throughout the house that are not packed or boxed prior to the team arriving. While this will cost a little more than the other two solutions, the amount of time and effort it saves you is often worth the cost.

Do I Need to Be Present While the Clean-Out is in Progress?

A lot depends on how you’re prepared for the clean-out. If everything is collected, sorted, and ready for pickup outside or in an open garage, there’s no real need for you to be there. Someone can call you once the team arrives and make a second call when they’re ready to leave the property.

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When the materials you want to get rid of are inside, someone will need to be present to let the team in and point out what needs to go. That someone can be you, a family member, or even a neighbor. As long as the person is an adult and authorized to act in your stead, all is well.

How Much Will the Clean-Out Cost?

A number of factors will influence the total cost of the clean-out. The type of materials you want to turn in for recycling, the amount of materials involved, and how much preparation you make on the front end will all have something to do with the final tab.

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Fortunately, a reputable waste removal company Seattle will have representatives who can provide good ideas of what the cost will be up front. That’s true even if it will be necessary to create and remove things from several areas in the house. As long as the price sounds reasonable, feel free to set a pickup date.

Remember that hiring a waste removal company means little to nothing ends up in a landfill. Anything that can be recycled is taken to centers. Items that can be refurbished and sold will also be taken to the proper locations. In any event, you will be doing your bit to ensure materials that still have a lot of use in them don’t end up rusting and rotting in a junkyard.

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