AdSense – A Great Earning Opportunity for Your Blog 

 February 29, 2020

adsense and seo

AdSense can be a great earning opportunity for your blog. But in that case you should know all about AdSense.

You may become surprised to know that Google AdSense offers CPC $0.01 to $55.00.

If you can get high value CPC, you can easily earn 4 to 5 figures in a month.

In this article I will show you step by step guideline how you can start a blog and earn a good amount of money.

How You Can Start a Profitable Blog

You need to follow some steps for starting a profitable blog. Let’s see the steps:

  • Finding a high CPC and high value niche
  • Buy a good domain name
  • Buy a good hosting
  • Start your own blog
  • Write some unique and informative articles
  • Apply for AdSense
  • Do SEO and Digital Marketing
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Find a High Value Niche

For starting a high CPC blog, first, you need to find a high CPC and high search value niche.

You can use Google Trends for finding a high search value niche.

If you want to build your blog for a targeted area, you can check the search value of that targeted area on Google Trends also.

Finding a high CPC is the most important part of starting a profitable blog. You can see the CPC of keywords at a Google tool “Keywords Everywhere”. It is a paid tool. But if you use this tool you can get some very good keywords for your niche that can give you high return.

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Buy a Good Domain Name

Domain name is very important for your blog. Try to find a domain name that is a dictionary word. If the domain name is within 4 to 5 alphabet, it will be very helpful to make the domain name as a brand.

You can check domain name at namecheap or godaddy.

You can choose any extension for your blog. But dot com is the most popular extension. Dot net also popular domain extension.

Buy Your Required Hosting

Uninterrupted live website is very important for your business. For uninterrupted live website, you need a good hosting service provider. You can find many hosting service provider as well as hosting reseller. You can check their offers and services.

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Namecheap, GoDaddy, hostgator, bluehost, rankershost, digitalocean etc all are famous hosting service provider.

Start Your Own Blog

You have already chosen your niche, domain name and hosting provider. Now time to start your own blog. There are many platforms to start blogging. But my suggestion is use WordPress as it very easy to use, one third of website on this planet use WordPress.

Install WordPress in your Cpanel.

Now choose your theme. There are many WordPress theme you can find both free and paid. Paid theme is better but you can use free theme also.

Customize your WordPress theme and start your blog.

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Write Unique and Informative Articles

You have already made your website or blog. Now time to provide content to your website.

The content should be unique, informative, and never published before. If you can write articles by your own it is the best. You can also hire ghost writer for writing articles to your blog.

Try to write good quality articles so that, you can get good traffic engagement.

Traffic engagement plays a vital role in the AdSense earning as well as ranking.

Minimum 1000+ words are ideal for blogs, maximum as you can. 600 words articles are also acceptable.

Try to publish minimum 12 articles before applying for AdSense.

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Apply for AdSense

As you have already published some unique and informative articles on your website, now time to apply for AdSense.

Always remember, you must publish privacy policy before applying for AdSense.

You will not get AdSense approval if your site’s spam score is high, if your site is about adult content, sex, arms, violence, casino, etc.

Naturally it will take 2 to 3 days for getting approval from AdSense, if your site is fresh and doesn’t violate any AdSense policy.

If you violate any AdSense policy, read the policy guideline carefully and resolve the issues, and then apply for review.

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Review result you will get within 24 hours.

SEO and Digital Marketing

This is the most important part for getting traffic to your website.  You will get the actual CPC when your keywords rank on the top page and traffic visit your site through searching on the search engines.

If your traffic comes to your site through referral or social media or from any other way without organic way, you will not get the actual CPC from your AdSense.

So, organic traffic is very important for your site, if you want to earn a handsome amount of money from AdSense.

Doing SEO is the best way to get organic traffic to your website.

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You can hire SEO expert for ranking your targeted keywords of your website on the top page.

If your article is very good quality, unique and informative, you can rank on the top page. Need some tuning.

Decorate your article with some quality images, infographic, and audio or video content.

Now share your article links at social media as much as you can.

That’s it.

End Words

Many people have tried to earn money from AdSense. But most of them could not succeed. Because, many of them don’t know the steps to follow.

If you follow the above steps, you can easily earn money 4 to 5 figure in a month.

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