Durag for Men – Things You Need to Know 

 October 19, 2021


To have long hair really adds to your personality if you are tall enough. But, to keep them manageable and away from your face or eyes is equally important. Durags have been used for centuries to do the job. Just like other stuff, durags have also evolved into different shapes, designs, and custom-made styles and sizes. For instance, durags made up of silk really give you a stylish look and make you give the best of your look while keeping your long hair away from your face.

A Trendy Thing:

Durag for men has been a common feature among different cultures of the world and in different times. For instance, people living in extreme cold or extremely hot weather conditions use it to stay safe from the harsh weather. In some cultures, they seem to represent a particular religious look, for instance, the Muslim and Sikh cultures. But, in recent times, with the change of fashion trends among the youth, durags have crossed all the cultural and religious boundaries. Nowadays, they are used not only to keep their long hair manageable but also to look more athletic in their appearance.

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Durags and Sports:

Durags nowadays have a more interesting relationship with sports. Lots of athletes use durags during their sports. But, using durags in sports is not for the sake of fashion. It’s rather used for its utility during sports-related activities especially if the sportsmen wear long hair.

Where long hair gives you a great personality, at the same time it’s a bit difficult to maintain your specific hairstyle during your sports. Whether you are having locks or curly/waves or skillfully crafted braids, you would love to protect your favorite hairstyle and this is where you need to use a durag which is specifically designed for men. For athletes, it’s more than a dress/hair accessory.

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Hair Cosmetics and Durags:

To give your hair your favorite look, you apply lots of cosmetic stuff such as hair gels. The gels sometimes cost too much and if you use such costly cosmetics, you would love to retain their effect on your hair for a long duration. During sports activities, it’s not possible to retain the fresh look of the gel, so the best way is to opt for a specific durag meant for such a situation.

Thanks to globalization, nowadays there are a number of durags available in the market. So, you are not short of designs, or colors or stuff when and if it has to do with your style and choice. Here, it’s not going to be out of place if we suggest you choose a durag that matches your skin sensitivity and your skin color.

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For instance, you have to see if your skin is sensitive to particular stuff like silk or acrylic, etc. Similarly, to look unique or to look your best, it’s recommended to wear a durag that adds to your skin color. You better take advice from your friends who are good at that or may ask the shopkeeper for assistance while buying a durag for you.

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