How to Celebrate Christmas with Colleagues  

 October 19, 2022

Who does not want an office that is super lively during the Christmas holidays? Some of you may already have some activities within the office, and some would not. For those who don’t this is your chance to start traditions and make the Christmas holidays a great time again even in workplaces.

You can do so many different activities because even workplaces need to be a place of enjoyment and a way of making exciting memories.

Card competition

Why not have a Xmas cards competition where you all make cards and see who has the best creativity and design-making skills? This is a great way of being creative and enjoying activities with your colleagues.

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Since this is a workplace activity, the competition can be for business holiday cards that can be sent out to the office’s clients and even business partners. This would be a time for a healthy competition where people with creativity can really excel too.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

Everyone is embarrassed by their collection of ugly Christmas sweaters. But why not make it a fun day and entertain each other by showcasing all your ugly sweaters collectively? Not only would this be funny but it would also be memorable for all colleagues.

To make it even more fun the office can announce a reward system too to encourage employees to take part. It can be small prizes that people would win for the ugliest sweater. This way having an ugly sweater would in turn become a great event for jokes and some fun in general.

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Secret Santa

This is a game all of us have grown up knowing and loving. Who does not look forward to surprise gifts and the whole guessing part of who could it be? Even though this activity is very simple it still brings joy to anyone no matter how old one gets.

Exchanging gifts can even repair the damage done by time apart and petty differences. This would be the perfect chance for employees to reconnect and enjoy the holidays despite any issues in the workplace.

Escape room

Exciting games always end up bringing people closer. Games like escape rooms are a great way of building bonds within a team. You can connect better and learn how to manage different personalities in a healthy manner. This would be the perfect way of strengthening ties so that even in the workplace the team can work great together.

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And most of the time there are plenty of escape rooms in cities so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one that you can go to.

Community Time

Collectively giving back to the community and those who are in need of even basic necessities is a great way of bonding together. This is your chance to encourage your office, and employees to do better in their lives. Christmas comes once every year and it can be a great way of volunteering for different charities.

Christmas should be a time that is celebrated with those who may not have their own families or even those who do not have the privileges we call do. So why not help make their day special too by spoiling them a bit? Another great way of building a team that would have a great bond and be enthusiastic to do things for a good cause.

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So we’re sure that one of these ideas is bound to become the tradition at your office if not already. Because Christmas is a great time of the year that needs to be celebrated not just with family but your work family too because they’re not just colleagues.


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