Tools That Can Help to Optimize CSS of Business Website 

 March 5, 2020

How to Optimize CSS of Business Website

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is a style sheet language. It permits the web designers to attach the styles like spacing to HTML documents. There are many benefits of optimizing CSS of your business website. Some essential benefits of the optimization of CSS of your business website are that it improves the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of a website, it increases the accessibility of a website, it increases the downloading speed of a website and it also makes your website compatible. Here, we will discuss tools that can help to optimize the CSS of your business website.

CSS Minify from Dan’s Tools

It is a simple tool to minify the CSS files of your business website. It is the best tool to make your website beautiful, readable and well-formed. With the help of this CSS optimization tool, you can easily remove the spacing, indentation and commenting from your business website. After minifying CSS files in your business website, when you use it, it will provide a different look to your website. Another benefit of this tool is that it makes the CSS files more difficult to read. Therefore, thieves can’t steal your hard-worked stylesheets. While optimizing CSS files of your business website, you should use its non-minified version. Its reason is that you can use it in the future and you can make changes in your CSS files.


Topcoat is an open-source CSS library and recommended by top dissertation help providers. It is helpful for us to optimize the CSS files of a business website instantly. It is a combination of PSD and some other design aircraft. It is providing a collection of simple and clean SVG icons to optimize the CSS files. To make the CSS optimization process more effective, this tool is also providing some benchmarking tools and a family of fonts. Some essential benefits of this tool are that it increases the speed of your website, it is using BEM architecture to optimize CSS files and it is allowing the users to modify all the components on their servers.

Code Beautifier

It is known as one of the most popular open-source CSS optimization tools for a business website. You can optimize the CSS files of your website in two different ways. First, you can add the CSS codes in its text area. Secondly, you can enter the URL of your website. After adding code of the CSS files or providing the URL of your website, you should click on the ‘Process Code’. It will take some time to optimize the code. After optimizing the code, it will show the optimized code.

It will also provide a list of all the changes that it will make to change the CSS code of your website. You can copy this optimized code and use it on your website to make the required changings. This tool provides a list of some options to modify your code to get the required results. For the compression of the CSS files, it provides five options. You can select one of them according to your requirements. It will also provide a list of some unnecessary items. After getting this list of the unnecessary items, you can remove these items to optimize the CSS files of your business website.

CSS Nano

CSS Nano is also an essential CSS minifying tool.  The most important benefit of this tool is that this tool transfers styles with JavaScript. It has small modules with restricted functions. By default, if you add CSS files in this tool, it will process it and optimize it accordingly. On the other hand, if you want to optimize these files according to your requirements, you can use its some essential options. After compressing the CSS files by using this tool, you will see that the working of the files will remain the same but the only difference is that its whitespace will be removed. It will also completely purge the unnecessary definitions in the provided CSS code.

Dirty Markup

This tool is known as an opposite tool to the minifying tools. Its reason is that if you add codes in this tool, it will not minify these codes. It just cleans the codes and it makes these codes easy to read for the users. It means that it makes these codes valid for the users. The resulting code will be beautiful for the users. According to the creator of this tool, more than a billion lines of codes have been modified with the help of this tool. It means that this tool is getting fame among the users.

CSS Lint

This essential CSS optimization tool is providing an easy-to-use interface for the users. It means that you can easily paste your code and it will minify this code within no time. It will show all the warning messages in your codes and it will remove all the unnecessary coding. To optimize the provided codes, it will follow a predefined set of rules. While optimizing the provided codes, it will also detect all the potential errors and inefficiencies. This tool is also providing a set of rules. You should select a set of rules that you want to enforce while optimizing CSS files of your business website.

CSS Stress Test

It works just like a bookmarklet. With the help of this bookmarklet, you can apply a stress test to the given webpage of your business website. It will index all the elements and classes in the CSS code. While performing the stress test, it will remove all the classes one by one and it will provide you with an idea about the time that it will take to scroll down the page. While performing this stress test, it will highlight the problematic area and you can easily remove or correct this problematic area.

This tool also uses CSS3 code to remove errors from your business website. You can easily use the effects of CSS3 by special scripting and by adding some additional elements. Along with these tools, you can also use some other tools to optimize the CSS of a business website. These tools are CSS Validation Service and Backstop JS 3.

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