Why Are People Quitting Netflix 

 September 9, 2022

Netflix is known as one of the largest streaming services across the world. With 220.67 million paid subscribers, most of its users are based in the US and Canada. However, it has reportedly more than 1 million subscribers in 2022. As a result, this news has instilled doubts in many people, leaving them to wonder if it is the right time to cancel their Netflix subscription and go for TV and internet packages. So, if you are in the same boat, this article will shed light on all the reasons why more and more people are giving up on their Netflix subscription in 2022.

Increase in Monthly Charges

Over the years, Netflix has gone from affordable to expensive for many people. It has increased prices by charging an additional dollar or two for the same services. The only way to watch movies and TV shows in UHD is to sign up for its Premium plan; however, it costs up to $19.99 per month. On the other hand, its Standard plan is not as affordable as you may think it to be. At $15.49 per month, you can stream in HD on 2 different devices only. Besides, its Basic plan is priced at $9.99 per month, which does not offer video quality in HD or UHD and limits your access to a single screen at a time.

These prices can add up to the overall monthly expenses for most of its users who can’t afford to pay such hefty charges every month. Even though Netflix has recently added new games to the platform, this does not justify the gradual increase in its prices. Apart from that, a lot of streamers may not be interested in gaming on Netflix; hence, the unwarranted price hikes have compelled its users to cancel their subscriptions.


While Netflix asks you to pay as high as $20 per month to share the screen on 4 devices, its competitors took the opportunity to gain more subscribers by offering pocket-friendly plans. In addition, Netflix does not even allow its users to stream in HD on a Basic plan, other streaming platforms have succeeded to build their subscriber base by providing all the features you would like to see on Netflix.

Here is a comparison of the amount you will be paying for Netflix versus other popular streaming platforms:

Streaming ServiceStandard PricePremium Price
Apple TV Plus  
Disney Plus  
HBO Max 


Paramount Plus  


Prime Video  


On the other hand, when it comes to the quality of content, many people believe that Netflix has nothing new to offer. Whereas, other streaming platforms, like Apple TV Plus and HBO Max are coming with exciting TV series every month. You can stream the most popular shows, such as Game of Thrones, Six Feet Under, Big Little Lies, and The Sopranos on HBO Max. Similarly, Apple TV Plus allows you to stream a wide range of sitcoms and romcoms, including Central Park, Ted Lasso, The Afterparty, and CODA.

Password-Sharing Policy

Earlier, Netflix allowed its subscribers to share their accounts with multiple users living in different households. However, this year, Netflix updated its password-sharing policy, restricting access to multiple users and devices that are based outside the United States. It imposes an additional fee for users in Latin America for sharing their passwords with people who are not living under the same roof. So, if you have a Netflix subscription in the US, it will ask you to pay for your friends or family members who wish to stream on Netflix through your account while living in Argentina, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

This password-sharing crackdown has enabled Netflix users to reconsider their decision of signing up for an app that costs an arm and a leg. Hence, a lot of people have quit Netflix and prefer using other streaming services while being connected to HughesNet.

Final Thoughts

With time, Netflix has lost its glory by increasing prices. Besides, it has failed in keeping its users entertained with the type of movies and TV shows they are looking for. In addition, the password-sharing crackdown is another reason why people are reluctant about paying for Netflix every month. So, if you are skeptical about your Netflix subscription, then it is high time you should consider quitting it for better streaming services. As long as your chosen streaming platform fits your monthly budget, there is nothing to worry about!

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