Why the Ability to Watermark Documents Matters for Applications 

 August 31, 2022


Including a watermark on your pdf documents plays a vital role in protecting your valuable assets. Using pdf watermarks for your files is similar to branding them and ensuring no one takes credit for your intellectual property.


This article will describe a watermark, show you why you need to watermark your documents, how to do it, and the various watermark styles.

What Is a Watermark?

A watermark is trademark text or picture inserted in a document, file, or paper to show ownership by a specific person, business, or organization. Such files should not be reproduced or disseminated without the owner granting permission.


In most cases, you will easily notice a watermark on a paper, although some pdf watermarks are set up only to show only when someone prints or scans it.

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The foremost digital and graphics security measure is the use of Digital watermarks. This approach is an efficient and reliable approach. It is famous among cameramen that want to safeguard their photographs from unlawful use. They overlay their watermark on the picture, which making it almost impossible to extract the underlying picture.


This digital watermark approach is popular with most PDF files randomly available on the internet. It helps to restrict a third party from quickly downloading it and claiming ownership.


Therefore, many businesses add watermarks to pdf files to safeguard intellectual property and confidential information. Adequate security depends on knowing which kind of watermarks to use and why.

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Why Should You Watermark Documents?

Security is the main reason you should add a watermark to pdf documents. However, more than just for security, there are other reasons for you to make this smart move. Let’s see a few reasons

To Keep Monitor your Documents

Most tools used to watermark simply place unique words or logos to show the owner. However, a tool like PrizmDoc Viewer brings unique identifiers for tracking your documents. With this PrizmDoc Viewer, you can trace how your documents if it seen somewhere unexpected; and, as a result, locate where the leak came from to prevent a reoccurrence.


Furthermore, customized watermarks come with a time stamp, user name, and revision number. These additions make it seamless to follow the trail, giving you complete control over your documents and eliminating ambiguity over which file is the most recent.

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Helps with Proper File Grouping

Irrespective of your company or business size, you may find it difficult to properly manage and group your files. Although adding the names of specific events to your files might be brilliant, it does not distinguish between public files and private files.


Files with pdf watermarks help specify how a user should handle them. For instance, a file marked “Confidential” denotes that you must follow precautionary steps opening it. You should not leave the screen open while they are away from it, and you should refrain from sharing this screen. It also ensures that everyone understands the purpose and sensitivity.

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Scares off Unauthorized Distribution

You can easily identify a document’s true ownership from its watermark and verify that the information is authentic and not tampered with.


Although Digital Rights Management (DRM) protects most sensitive materials by restricting who can access it to open and alter the data, this type of protection is frequently gotten around by cunning tricks. For example, video record or screen record, screenshots, or snap the screen using a different gadget.


However, adding a watermark hard for random person to disseminate your file without disclosing you as its creator.


Nevertheless, it is possible to get rid of a pdf watermark and preserve the file’s text (by using a pdf editor, pdf reader, or any pdf editing tool to edit the watermark). Still, not everyone possesses the skill-set for this, nor will they to go the extra mile. They will instead look for something similar with fewer restrictions.

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So, a watermark with unique or personalized data helps pinpoint where the breach and find the perpetrators of such acts.

How to Watermark Documents

Understanding why you need to watermark your documents and knowing how to do it are two different ball games.


Most companies do not have the adequate watermarking tools to secure their documents and thus, rely on free watermarking web applications to watermark pdf online. The sad thing about this free pdf watermark app is that it exposes your documents to many risks because they require you to upload them first before it gets watermarked. This process fuses the document’s watermark permanently, which is irreversible.

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You may also think about using Microsoft Word to add a pdf watermark to your document, but that would be an absolute waste of time because anyone can easily erase it. The culprit may not be an expert to do this; with a few clicks on google, your MS Word marker disappears. In reality, a short search on the internet reveals various tools for deleting Word-related watermarks on any file.


Thankfully, with the app, you can add different pdf document watermark types, such as text, diagonal text, and graphics watermarks.



Let’s see these different watermark types you can use on PrizmDoc Viewer.

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Image Watermarks

This type of watermark can be a text or pictureand is excellent for depicting the logo of your business. It is often big, bold, and faint on the background of the paper, covering most of the page. The presence of this watermark does not hinder the visibility of the content on the paper.

Diagonal Text Watermarks

A diagonal watermark cuts across the center of your pdf page in a single line from one end to the other. It is often used by many companies too.

Text Watermarks

This is the basic style of watermark and the most popular for both small and large scale corporations. You can use PrizmDoc Viewer to adjust this watermark to the best features you need. The information used for a text watermark depends on the requirements of the paper.

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The uses and importance of a watermark are enormous and will save you a great deal of stress if you have them on your documents. Also, kindly make sure you do it the right way and avoid using free watermarks online or using MS Word as your watermark.


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